What is KILORUN?

When running doesn’t measure only kilometres, but also kilograms. KILORUN is the unique running festival, that you can run, eat and have fun in one go. Apart from having good health and joy, everyone can enjoy the best selected local dishes along with scenic routes of the iconic cities, as well as sharing experiences with friends and families, no matter who you are or where you are from.

KG or Kilogram

KG is the walking/running route that measured by kilograms. Runners can walk/run through iconic landmarks and taste signature dishes from each city along the route. After the race done, runners whoever gain weight more than or equal to 0.5 KG and 1KG will receive the special KG medal, and that’s where the KG come from.

KM or Kilometre

Because this is not just an ordinary running festival, it is a journey to remember. The KM route is selected by iconic attractions of each city. Runners will get a chance to experience the cultures, architectures and iconic landmarks along the route. KM Race is divided into 3 categories; S Run 3 KM, M Run 5 KM and L Run 10 KM.