Hotline (ENG / THAI) 

+66 83 989 6780 , +6683 989 6884


Hotline (ENG / THAI) 

+66 83 989 6780  , +6683 989 6884


The  Race


Q : What is the difference between KM and KG?

A : KM race is measured in kilometres, which is divided into 3 categories; S Run, M Run and L Run. The runners will run along the route to experience the city’s beautiful sights.

KG Race is measured in kilograms. Runners can walk and run to taste Hanoi’s signature dishes along the amazing route of Hanoi, Vietnam.

Q : Who will measure  my weight on the scale?

A : Female staff.

Q : Where do you record my weight?

A : At the back side of your BIB.

Q : Can I join the race without weighting? (If  I do not want to scale my weight.)

A : Yes, you can. But you cannot receive a medal.

Q : For KG, after I finished the race if  my weight doesn’t meet the criteria, will I receive the medal?

A : You can eat more and drink more after you finished KG race to make sure that your weight has meet the criteria to earn the medal.


The  Ticket


Q : Can I refund my ticket?

A : Sorry, the ticket cannot be refunded.

Q : Can I change the type of ticket?

A : Sorry, the ticket cannot be changed.

Q : If I cannot participate the event due to any urgent matter, can I give or sell the ticket to other person?

A : Sorry, you cannot sell or pass the ticket to others due to the insurance policy. We do not take any responsibility if the runner and the registered names are difference.



Before  the  Event  Day


Q : Do you provide accommodation?

A : Sorry we don’t provide any accommodation, but you can find the hotel list in page “Visit Hanoi”.

Q : Do you have any policy to send the race pack by shipping?

A : We are sorry for the inconvenience. You can pick up your race kit on the event date only.

Q : Do you have any award for the winner?

A : Yes, we prepare special prizes for the winners. You can find out more in “Award”.


Event  Day



Q : What evidence do I need to show in order to get the race kit?

A : Please show your confirmation E-mail or QR code with your passport or ID card at the registration counter. If you don’t get the confirmation E-mail, please contact us.

Q : Where is the registration point/starting point and finish point?

A : The registration point, starting point and finish point are at Ly Thai To park, Hanoi.

Q : Where can I store my belongings?

A : We provide storage service on the event days.

Q : Where I can change my clothes?

A : We have a changing room for both male and female.

Q : Do you provide breakfast for KM?

A : Yes, we prepare some breakfast for you after finish.


After  the  Event  Day


Q : How can I get my running photos? 

A : You can get your photo after the event days from our Facebook page:

Q : If I miss the event, can I ask for race kit to send by post?

A : Sorry, we don’t have this service.

Q : What is the next destination of Kilorun?

A : Our next destination is Bangkok, Thailand.




Q : If my company want to be a part of this event, how should I contact?

A : For sponsorship, please contact: or call  +66 83 989 6780,+66 83 989 6884.

Q : Contact Center

A : For English and Thai speaker please contact +66 83 989 6780, +6683 989 6884.